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3D-Printed Open Source Drone

We here at OpenDrone love Open Source and Drones. So why not combine them?

3D Part

3D Printing

Learn how you can print your own drone

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Programm Part


Have a look at our programming tools we used

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Used technologies

Here is a list of the technologies we use

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Our App runs on Android

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Our FC runs on C++

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Raspberry Pi Logo

Raspberry Pi

The brain of the drone

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OpenDrone v003

Currently the 3d printed part of the drone has 12 parts


The OpenDrone itself is straight outta 3D printer. The flight controller, a raspberry-pi in our case, is developed in Visual Studio with C++. The OS is Raspbian Stretch Lite. For collision-avoiding we will use some ultrasonic sensors on every side of the drone. After calculating, the flight controller is fed with the calculated results. The whole drone is controlled with an Android App. In the App, you can set different markers on a map where, after the markers been set, the drone will autonomously fly to. If you want you can fly manually, too.

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Easy - Flexible - Powerful - Modular

- lightweight

- modular design

- easy build

- low cost