I'm just a normal guy who likes coding and stuff. Nothing special. Its just me.





I love to program and flying around with drones. Having created two Android Apps, I'm what some would call an "Android Developer". Additionaly, I like to learn about new technologies and try them out. I've also gained some experience in building drones after building a small one myself.
If you wonder who posted those things on Social Media (@OpenDroneAT), that was probably me.




I love programming and I'm super interested in IoT.
I will code on the FlightController (C++) most of the time. Moreover, I'm the one writing the DevBlogs.
I like to to learn "new technologies" (well at least new for me) so I'm happy to learn something new about C++.
Even though I never built my own drone before, I'm interested in drones and looking forward creating a good drone with my colleagues.


Hey, it's me!

Expert for the 3D printing part in the project.
I am the one who designed and printed the parts of the frame. Although I'm still not so long in the 3D printing segment, I have an idea of what I am doing.
At the moment I am also the one for the other hardware, but that should change shortly.
Although I have no training in the technical field, I would like to say that I have very good knowledge in many areas.
Since I'm one of 4 computer science students in the team, I'm also actively involved in the programming.